About us

Dr. Sabine Paul (molecular and evolutionary biologist) is specialized in evolutionary medicine and nutrition, optimized brain functions and natural stress resistance. She inspires people and companies to develop their natural resources and transfers current research results into everyday life.

Ulrike Dreier (business economist EBS, preventologist, nutritionist and health coach) inspires people to transform negative habits into a balanced lifestyle, which promotes a healthy mind and body. She works with techniques of the Ayurvedic tradition and combines them with knowledge of modern nutrition.

Dipl. troph. Irina Baumbach (nutrition and lifestyle coach) is head of the “Fachgesellschaft für Ernährungstherapie und Prävention” (verlinken). She supports clients according to the principles of self-efficiency during changes in their lifestyle regarding nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Dr. Hans-A. Eberwein (with special emphasis on naturopathy, acupuncture and TCM) combines theory of western naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine with the latest insights of modern medicine. He pays particular attention to the preventive and therapeutic effects of a balanced low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diet.

Ute Ferber (systemic coach, specialized in stress and burnout prevention) focuses on personality development as well as mental movement, healthy leadership and communication. She helps clients to develop themselves, to be energetically in motion through holistic awareness of body, emotions and cognitive processes.

Justus Vorbeck (medical student and biohacking expert) reviews practicable intervention possibilities through self-experiments. He holds keynote lectures and sees biohacking as the solution to give people back the responsibility for their own health.