“Those who are prepared to recruit the best talents, keep top performers and technical experts, and ensure that people in a company use their full potential, have a competitive advantage that is robust for the future and increases tomorrow’s value creation.”

Our “Human Performance Concepts” enable people and companies to quickly and easily transform themselves to a higher performance level and to connect strongly with each other.

We make the “Value on Investment” measurable for you and can thus draw a direct connection to the work performance: Greater commitment, higher productivity, fewer days of absence and lower fluctuation. But above all, you increase your attractiveness as an employer and promote employer branding.

Invest in your competitiveness and sustainability:
Invest in your employees.

Our human performance concepts

Create an environment in your company that focuses on people and their undiscovered potentials and that enables them to remain physically healthy and mentally efficient in the long term. 

Our focus: 
People and their relationships to themselves,
to colleagues and to companies.

Our “LifeStyle” coaching teaches your employees through experiential learning how they can effectively adapt to the changed and individual conditions of today’s working world regarding nutrition, exercise, regeneration and emotions. We empower to take over to more self-control and self-responsibility. Simple, suitable for everyday use, measurable and sustainable.

The “MindSet” workshop covers mental fitness in a professional environment in order to be able to deal with stressful conditions such as time pressure, expectations or moods with confidence. The participants learn to actively deal with conscious and unconscious programs, free themselves from mental beliefs and can unfold their true potential.

Recognising, understanding and consciously using your own talents and the talents of others more than before is what the “TalentManagement” training enables you to do. This enables new success teams to be formed within the workforce that complement each other, work together more agilely and develop rapidly, so that the results of their work are many times more effective, efficient and innovative.


Our ambition

Our implementation experience shows: The coaching measures are recommended by the participants within the company due to their high quality and relevance. The demand for transformation and personal growth thus arises credibly from the employees themselves.

If your standard is that…

  • Demand for more performance, well-being and personal progress is created,
  • concepts are talked about every day,
  • all employees can be reached,
  • the family environment also benefits from this,
  • a lot is done for your employer branding,
  • contributes significantly and sustainably to the competitiveness and success of the company,

… then we will be happy to support you.

About us

We focus on relevant information from research and science, observe basic evolutionary principles and empower people to test understandable and practicable behavioral optimizations in self-experiments – for more performance, well-being and for a HEAL[thy] [fu]TURE.

Andreas Rauth (Dipl. Betriebswirt, Management Consultant) is the founder of “HEALTURE – Human Performance Concepts”. During his many years of working for the consulting company Accenture, he developed strategic solutions and tested them practically in the environment there in order to sustainably enable the success factor “people” to remain high-performing and healthy today and in the future.

Dr. Sabine Paul (molecular and evolutionary biologist) is specialized in evolutionary medicine and nutrition, optimized brain functions and natural stress resistance. She inspires people and companies to develop their natural resources and transfers current research results into everyday life.

Lana Büttner (Functional Health Coach) guides her clients on their health journey by focusing on sustainable behavior change and addressing lifestyle factors, to manage chronic conditions and support performance. She takes on the principles of Functional Medicine and Epigenetics which are integrative and personalized.

Christian Scherzer (fitness trainer, nutritionist and sleep coach) believes that performance can also be fun again. As a business and feelgood coach, he is committed to helping people feel good about their jobs. Through relevant knowledge, self-measurement and individual impulses, he gives people back control over how they feel and what they can achieve.

Nadja Hofmann (M.Sc. Psychology, Holistic Health Consultant and Yoga Teacher) is confident that ” Health starts in your mind” and helps with her empathetic way to develop a strong mindset for individual client needs. Through life-oriented and easy-to-understand approaches, her clients can easily integrate their lifestyle and nutritional habits into their everyday life.

Anne Goldhammer-Michl (Statistician, Nutritionist, Cook) is very passionate about the connection of health and a proper way of life. The enormous impact of nutrition on our well-being is standing in the center of her interests. She likes reading different studies on this subject and explaining the conclusions to others. As nutrition coach she communicates to her clients how to combine a healthy nutrition and constitutional lifestyle in their daily routine.

Maximilian Förster (Dipl. IT Specialist (FH), Gallup Certified Strength Coach, professional SCRUM Master) supports people to focus on the development of their strengths. With his systematic approach and agile methods, such as SCRUM and OKR, he helps individuals and teams to elevate the collaboration to the next higher level. 

Ulrike Dreier (business economist EBS, preventologist, nutritionist and health coach) inspires people to transform negative habits into a balanced lifestyle, which promotes a healthy mind and body. She works with techniques of the Ayurvedic tradition and combines them with knowledge of modern nutrition.

Kora Anker (M.Sc. Dietician, Hypnosis Coach, Naturopath) empowers people to adopt a healthy and mindful life. She focuses on micro changes and helps people to positively influence their everyday life with the appropriate tools and new perspectives. Nutrition and mental health are the major topics of her work.

Dr. Hans-A. Eberwein (with special emphasis on naturopathy, acupuncture and TCM) combines theory of western naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine with the latest insights of modern medicine. He pays particular attention to the preventive and therapeutic effects of a balanced low-carbohydrate and ketogenic diet.

Ute Ferber (systemic coach, specialized in stress and burnout prevention) focuses on personality development as well as mental movement, healthy leadership and communication. She helps clients to develop themselves, to be energetically in motion through holistic awareness of body, emotions and cognitive processes.